Sunday, 10 December 2006

Blogger Beta: popup comments window issue?

With comments in Blogger Beta blogs which show up in a separate pop-up window, I've noticed that (on my system anyway) the popup window won't maximise: that button's greyed out.

Furthermore, while the contents of the window display OK in Internet Explorer 6 (and here's an example from Kirk's blog):

- with my setup the same popup in Firefox 2.0 has the text cut off on the right, with no ability to resize the window and no scrollbar to view it with (and it was the same for me with Fox 1.5 too):

The same issue however doesn't arise with classic Blogger.

It may be my Firefox setup, as I don't think the problem is universal for Fox users, and I've not been able to find mention of it in the Blogger Beta Known Issues list. I've not been able to work out what it is that's causing the cut off text yet. (Yes I've tried disabling Greasemonkey, still no go).

The inability to maximise is because, according to Kirk who (as usual) figured it out, the comments popup window in Beta blogs isn't being passed the code to allow it to be resizeable, whereas in classic Blogger blogs it is. (For completists: in Beta the popup window is scripted without the attribute resizable=1, which is there in classic Blogger blogs, and without it Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 will default to "no resize" for that window.) No idea about the cut-off text, though.

The workaround of course is to rightclick the link and open the pop-up comments in a new tab or window. (Or some kind soul with the time could fix it in the Beta coding by rewriting the output, hint hint...?)

But it would be nice, though obviously not top priority as Team Blogger have enough on their plate at the moment, if enabling the maximise button for popup comment windows (by tweaking the code to insert resize=1) could be added to the list of Blogger Beta things to sort out.


Activista said...

hi there!

noticed the not expandable problem recently and didn't found any hack...

is there a way to call attention of the blogger team on this point?

have nice times

Improbulus said...

Hi activista! Glad I'm not the only one who's noticed this (though I'd be interested to know if you've got the "cut off text on the right" problem too?)

To report bugs to the Blogger team, go to the Blogger support page (you'll have to login to Blogger first), then fill in the details of the bug. Feel free to link to this post if you wish.

Viv said...

I use Firefox exclusively and I've noticed this on my blogs, too. Thought maybe I jsut didn't know how to do a workaround, since I'm not an advanced coder! Hopefully Blogger will work on this.

Improbulus said...

Viv, thanks for your comment. It should be fixed by now, at least for me the popup window is now resizable. Are you still having a problem? On all blogs, or only some?

Improbulus said...

By the way Viv, if you still have problems, you might try the fix I posted here. It'll do if nothing else works!