Friday, 8 December 2006

Technorati bug: is your blog not getting indexed?

Dave Sifry, CEO of blogosphere search engine Technorati, has publicly acknowledged that there's a bug causing some legit blogs not to be indexed and therefore not to be searchable on Technorati (though I don't know the nature of the bug and I've no idea if it's related to their ongoing known tags indexing problem). He says "our engineers are actively working on the issue".

Of course, many bloggers have been complaining vociferously for months about their blogs not getting indexed on Technorati, and in some cases it may have been down to Technorati's setup not liking certain feeds (i.e. Feedburner feeds and non-Atom feeds) - but in others no doubt it's been down to this bug. I wonder what it was that finally led to the discovery of the bug?

Some bloggers have also been getting frustrated that when they reported to Technorati support that their blogs were not getting indexed, they weren't receiving a timely, or in some cases any, response from Technorati.

So it's great that Dave has also offered that "if you are ever having a problem reaching someone at Technorati, you can always contact me: dsifry AT technorati DOT com. My cell phone number is 415 846-0232."

I wonder how inundated he's going to get... (Technorati have had excellent press recently so I guess he can be generous, they now have a better than ever reputation to maintain!) - but now you know that if your blog isn't properly indexed on Technorati and you're not getting a satisfactory reply from their technical support team, you can (and probably should) contact him direct.

(You can check if your blog is being indexed properly on Technorati by searching for your blog URL in Technorati's blog directory, or going direct to your blog's page on Technorati using the format, e.g. mine is - and it will say under your blog name how many hours/days ago it thinks your blog was updated. If it's not accurate, e.g. your last blog post was made 2 hours ago but Technorati thinks your blog was last updated 100 days ago, then obviously there's a problem!)


thomashoi said...


I have exactly this problem. I justed posted an article on my blog, but technorati updates say it's 200 days ago. What can I do?

Thomas Hoi

Improbulus said...

Thomas, thanks for your comment. If you've pinged Technorati with your blog URL and still no joy, I can only suggest you contact Technorati support and if no reply, David Sifry - the links and contact details are in my post above. Good luck!

David said...

This issue should now be resolved, and our support folks are back to about a 1 day response time, so if you still notice any problems, please let us know!


Improbulus said...

Thanks for the info Dave. Hope the tag indexing bug will be fixed soon too!