Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Blogger Beta hacks

Apart from merely noting the introduction of Edit HTML for Blogger Beta, which opened up all sorts of template hacking possibilities, I simply haven't had the time to get to grips with the new Blogger Beta way of doing things.

Come November/December, I hope to... maybe! But I probably don't need to, as fabulous Blogger Beta hacks now abound. I can do no better than to point to John of Freshblog's roundup of Blogger Beta hacks.

The "go to" blogs for Blogger Beta template hacks seem to be:
And of course, though I know he hasn't had much chance lately to get down to the full nitty gritty of it all, my Magical Sheep pardner Kirk's blog Phydeaux3.

I do want to understand how it all works (alas, the perils of having an enquiring mind, and always wanting to know!), but I just don't have the time, yet. One day...


Avatar said...

You didn´t mentioned hans or the good old me.... *Shocked*

And john is not buzzing the v3.0 scene. that round up was greg. i am buzzing it, pushing it and pimping it on the other hand.

Improbulus said...

Hey Avatar. Good ol' you and hans, but of course!

Like I said I've been completely stuffed lately, I haven't had a chance to read round, just managed to check out what seemed to be popular via Google.

My bad about Greg vs John, tole ya I've barely managed to stay afloat.

Happy buzzing, pushing and pimping!

Avatar said...

ok, i just wanted to set that record straight, but a post edito would do a lot of good you know? :D

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