Monday, 21 November 2005

Free download of TV programmes - c'mon BBC!

UPDATE: free download of BBC TV programmes, for a limited period after initial broadcast, should be with us in May or June 2007 via the new BBC iPlayer - with UK-based computers, anyway. See this post (UPDATE: on how to sign up for the open public trials, which launched on 27 July 2007, and to see screenshots etc and a video, now go to this post).

AOL and Warner are going to launch In2TV in January 2006, through which classic TV programs (TV shows like Welcome Back Kotter) will be available for free download, whichever episode you like, with ads to generate revenue - so let's hope the BBC will give us access to their classic TV series archive too. Without a 7 day cut-off! (as to which see my post on the BBC's iMP (or MyBBCPlayer) trial of software allowing free downloading of TV programmes).

Washington Post story, via IPPR IP blog.

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Ian Forrester said...

No can do right now. Most of the popular programmes are produced with people outside the BBC who would like to sell them to other markets. The contracts will slowly change and give us exclusive use in the UK market but then we need to enforce that. Geoip is one way and DRM is another. I prefer Geo over DRM anyday, but its convincing lawyers that your doing enough which is the tricky part.

Improbulus said...

Many thanks for that Ian. I understand, but it's a shame... Happy lawyer convincing, that must be quite a job!

Anonymous said...

hi there! enjoyed your post.