Monday, 14 August 2006

Technorati: how Technorati indexes tags, and edited posts

Slowly catching up... I've updated my introduction to Technorati tags, including adding a new section with some details on how Technorati indexes the tags you add to your posts.

That section explains why, if you want your posts properly added to Technorati's tag pages, it's important to set your blog to output a full feed, and also how Technorati handles the indexing of edited posts, including existing posts where you've since edited the tags.

I've also beefed up the "problems" section accordingly. It seems sometimes Technorati have glitches where they've picked up your tags from your post correctly, but then lost them. The problem is that as the post is treated as having been indexed before, they won't pick up the lost tags even when you update your blog, not even if the problem post is still on your main page.

The moral is still to check soon after posting whether your tags are appearing on Technorati's tag pages correctly, and if they are not, to get on to Technorati ASAP and certainly before the problem post moves off the bottom of your main blog page.

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