Friday, 27 May 2005

Light relief

A would-be robber burst into a bank in Florida waving a gun and screamed:
"Freeze mother-stickers, this is a fuck-up!"

It sure was.

The staff dissolved into hysterics and the humiliated robber fled, empty-handed.

(From Fortean Times issue 198 July 2005)

Plus, today I was in a cafe in Kensington.

There was a sign above the toilet (this is true, I saw it myself!):
"Please do not flush the toilet paper. Use the bin provided. Thank you."

Eeeeew. I wouldn't like to be the person who has to empty that bin.

Toilet humour, indeed.

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ChickyBabe said...

For the first one, I'm tempted to say, "Only in America!"

For the second one, I experinced the same while in the UK, I just can't remember exactly where! Eww...indeed.

I'm sure you can find something Aussie just as humiliating :).

RedRyder said...

The quality of our criminals here in the US certainly has been decreasing lately. I blame Bush.

...mj said...

I thought that putting paper in the bin rather than the cistern was something that needed to be done in Greece only (cos their plumbing system was installed before the Pelleponesian Wars)? I guess that some of the London sewage system dates to ancient times also, so it makes sense.

Funnily enough, it never smelt too bad (if at all) when I had to do this in Greece!


Improbulus said...

Chickybabe - I'm sure I saw some pretty bad signs in Australia, I just can't remember them!

CB/Redryder - but as for only in America, well no, the UK can be terrible also. Remember the paedophile witchhunts, where people hounded and harrassed paediatricians? Stupid, no? At least podiatrists were left alone, as far as I remember. I think. Maybe Bush should be blamed for that too.

Mikey - really, you're serious? I've never been to Greece, it was on my todo list, but maybe not now... Perhaps there's a business opportunity there selling whatever desmellers it is they put in those bins, they seem highly effective! (I like your taste in movies, by the way :-)).

Zoe said...

Yep, im half Greek, and if you do that in Greece it blocks up because most houses' sewage runs into your own private cesspit and thereby gets absorbed into the rock. Paper obstructs this process. I have never loved and admired my (British) father more for the times when he was forced to climb bodily into the cesspit and shovel out the offending paper.

Zoe said...

....It's actually a great way of dealing with sewage most of the time! though it must waste water.

By the way, M!key, you may be interested to know that the Peloponnesian War only ended a few years ago, in 1995 or so - Athens and Sparta forgot to officially declare peace for 2400 years, so they were still technically at war.

Anonymous said...

In Mexico, all TP goes into the "bin". I must admit, it was one of the things I was grateful not to have to deal with when I came back to the USA. That, along with actually having rules of the road, make living here a but more pleasant. There is only one rule of the road in Mexico: "Watch out for the other guy!"

Improbulus said...

Mexico too, huh? Yes decent waste disposal and sewage systems are one of the benefits of the USA (and most of the UK hopefully, certain restaurants excepted..).

I'd say "Watch out for the other guy" is a pretty good rule everywhere else too!