Sunday, 6 March 2005

Interesting names

More nominative determinism, a topic I never tire of.

From New Scientist again (generally its Feedback column and Letters are the best sources for reports on this topic) - a project at New Zealand's University of Otago on "The role of HCO3 in the secretory response of the human colon" is run by a Dr Butt; while one on "Cardiorespiratory and renal changes in acclimatization to high altitudes" includes as a supervisor a Dr Cragg.

And for a variation on the "great names" theme, Fortean Times mentions a report on an interestingly avian wedding where a Gemma Bird married Graham Robins (a vet), attended by best man William Finch and bridesmaid Stella Rook.

A news item last week on fly tipping was covered by a journalist called Heap, while I have heard that (in a reversal of the aptronym phenomenon) Thames Water numbers amongst its employees one Mr Leakey.

If anyone knows any other interestingly appropriate (or indeed inappropriate) names, I'd love to hear them!

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1 comment:

Vince said...

My mother once worked at Midway Animal Hospital in Florida, which was run by two veterinarians named Dr. Howl and Dr. Bone.