Friday, 10 November 2006

Creative Commons London Salon: Barcamp free beer Friday 17 November 2006

To quote from Christian Ahlert's email to the CC-UK mailing list:
I know all of you like to discuss and think about web 2.0, music and film sharing/remixing, p2p, or Creative Commons. San Francisco has the Creative Commons Salon, other cities regular BarCamps, or so called new media gatherings. But there is no regular meeting space for this London. It should be a good opportunity to meet new and interesting people, discuss creative ideas and have some fun.

So we - Creative Commons England&Wales,, OpenMute and The People Speak - are organizing the first MiniBar on Friday the 17th in the Truman Brewery. There will be some free beer (as in Free).

More info at:

Plus for this first meeting:

John Buckman of and will say a couple of words about music sharing, p2p philosophy and Creative Commons.

We will also be trialling our very Situated Social Tagging system! Think people, not URLs, and sticky-backed tags! More on the night...

I've signed up, myself, and will hopefully be there. Spread the word!


kirk said...

So now we know the secret to getting you to show up somewhere. Free Beer!!!


Improbulus said...

Not free beer, but Creative Commons, of course! :D