Friday, 7 April 2006

HDTV: London trials, apply now!

High definition television in the UK is on its way.

The BBC will be launching a HD satellite/cable trial from mid 2006.

If you've just got Freeview but you have an HD-ready television and live in London, then, you lucky sod, you can apply to take part in a technical trial which the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and five are going to conduct to see how HD works with Freeview, with a set top box that they'll supply. The trial will include all of the BBC and ITV's live World Cup matches.

They only want a few hundred volunteers so get your blow in quick! (Sadly my TV isn't HD-ready or I'd be applying like a shot like I did for the BBC iMP trial.)

(Via the BBC)

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John said...

This sounds very interesting. Especially given sky's hefty IMHO subscription fees. Shame I live outside London!

Improbulus said...

Yes, shame John! Do you have a HDTV-ready TV then?

John said...

Yes, I do.

Improbulus said...

Well let's hope they roll it out to where you are soon then!