Saturday, 19 November 2005

Gmail on Nokia 7710 or other mobile: GPRS money saving tip

If you access Gmail on your Nokia 7710 or other mobile phone using GPRS, as you know you get charged for the amount of data downloaded.

Now on the 7710, and I suspect other phones too, it checks for everything - including previously sent mail as well as inbox mail you've already read on your computer.

I use mobiles only to check my Gmail when out and about, mostly I check my Gmail on my computer at home or at work. So I only need my mobile to check for new mail that's come in since I last logged in to Gmail on my computer. No point paying to download mail I've already read.

A little tip or trick I use, which many others probably already do, is this. Before I log out of Gmail on my computer, especially if I know I'm going to be out, and might be getting Gmail while I'm on the move, I go to:
  • Settings
  • Forwarding and POP
  • Choose "Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on"
  • Save Changes.
This will then restrict the email you download on your phone to only the email arriving (or sent) after you last chose that setting (as "from now on" obviously will be reset to the last time you do it). And I do this regularly, as often as I can remember to, before I go out.

I set my 7710 to download headers only anyway, so it's probably just pennies saved, but over time, with the amount of mail I get, it does add up, so it can't hurt.

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Charles Laxenaire said...

the problem is that this tip only work once : you have to repeat it each time you leave your computer.

At least the last time I tried it, when you choose "Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on", the nokia 7710 will download all new mail from this date. Two days later, the nokia will download mails that arrived after this date (read & unread mail)...

too bad

the solution I use it to chek mail through http ...


Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comment Charles. That's right, that's why I said I do this regularly, as often as I can remember to, before I go out (otherwise, as I should have been clearer in saying, it downloads everything from the last time I reset it, which could include stuff I read).

Not the best solution but better than nothing. I find it more convenient this way, but of course you can check Gmail via the Web on the 7710's browser, if that's what you meant?

Nakul Shenoy said...

Thanks for both the Gmail on Nokia 7710 posts.

Ever since the recent launch of I have been trying to access the said page through my 7710, only to see an XML error splashed across my browser...

Otherwise, the only way I have been able to access Gmail is using the browser and going to

Are you able to access ?

Nakul Shenoy

Improbulus said...

Hi Nakul.

I don't think is available outside the US.

Have you tried just the normal Gmail URL? I have to say I can't access Gmail via the browser on my 7710, on any URL (keeps throwing me back to the Google mobile page), even though I can access Hotmail. I just use the Messaging app on the 7710 to get my Gmail.

yash gupta said...

I had checked the retrieve headers only on my E60 but its still retrieving every new email when I connect to mailbox. it says updating mailbox and then "retriving email 1 of 9" and so on untill every email is fully downloaded. I want to know how I can set it to downloading only the headers.

Improbulus said...

Sorry, yash, I don't have the E60 so I can't help on that. Try Nokia support?

Anonymous said...

how can i download the firmware for my nokia 7710? i have all the accessories.... but i need the firware file to install in phone... can anyone help me.. please.. thank you

Improbulus said...

Anon, AFAIK you can only upgrade the firmware for this phone by going to a Nokia service center - this post. Look for one near you & try them.