Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Blogger Beta: how to post Google Video

Catching up on comments, Jiao had asked about posting Google Video videos to Blogger Beta.

Well, clicking the "Email - Blog - Post to MySpace" button on the right of the video you want does then offer a "Post to" selection including Blogger:

Jiao could post to Blogger but not Blogger Beta. When I tried it, clicking on the Blogger link gave me an error message (Cannot connect...), whether I tried to login with my Blogger or Beta account - not sure if that's the same problem Jiao encountered:

It could be Blogger or Google Video being temporarily up the spout.

Whatever the cause, I feel the eeasiest solution is to click the Embed HTML link (see the first pic above) to get the code:

Then copy and paste the code into your post (Blogger Beta or anything really) and it should work - see this Blogger Beta example post with video.


Anonymous said...

;) thnx 4 the info
keep walkin`


Improbulus said...

And thanks for the comment. :)

rmcdougall said...

If anyone checks this: I can't get it to work, it keeps giving me "tag is not closed". I use Blogger and I'm posting from google video with their premade HTML.

Do I have to do anything else besides copy and paste it?

I'm a total noob, so are the "<" and ">" required?


Improbulus said...

McDougall, could you give me the link to the video you're trying to post?

You're not posting direct to Blogger but trying copy/paste?

Yes you do need the < and >

Philip Esmaquel said...

thanks for the info.

Improbulus said...

:) Philip.