Saturday, 4 March 2006

Blogger: better font in Edit HTML view when composing or editing posts

To Blogger/Blogspot users: do you think, like I do, that the font you get when you use the Edit HTML tab of Blogger's Create Post page is uglier and less readable than the clearer typeface you get when using the Compose tab?

Well, in response to my cry for help about making the Edit HTML view a bit more easy on the eye, Jasper of Browservulsel has kindly come up with a little Greasemonkey script for users of the fab free Firefox browser.

This script makes the font in the text box on the Edit HTML page much nicer - the same as on the Compose page in fact (though you can still tell the difference between them because of the visible code and less fully-featured toolbar in the Edit HTML view, of course). See the difference -

Nasty font:

Nicer font:

Jasper is planning to enhance the script (which he calls the Blogger post editor textarea styler) with more options and features in future, to make the Edit HTML page even more usable and accessible, so keep an eye out for the improvements. Thanks Jasper! This little script has already made composing and editing my posts so much easier.

Get the script! (if you're not familiar with the free Greasemonkey extension, here's how to install it and install user scripts).

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