Saturday, 5 November 2005

Blogger: comment moderation introduced

Blogger have announced the introduction of comment moderation via their blog, Buzz.

In other words, rather than comments being immediately posted to your blog when made, you can have the option to view them first and decide whether to approve or reject them. And you can even set it to let you do this by email (as well as via your dashboard), so that you get an email whenever a comment is made, and you can just click a link to approve or reject the comment.

I won't say much more as the Blogger help page on comment moderation is pretty comprehensive and explains how to turn on comment moderation etc. I don't plan to do so myself as I rarely get spam comments (hope that's not tempting fate!) and I don't have the time to add an extra step.

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ChickyBabe said...

Interesting new feature, Improbulus. Word verification, Flag as Objectionable then Comment moderation... this is getting too complex when most of us just blog for fun.

I'm not sure I'll turn it on either.

Thought you might be interested, Blogger didn't email me any comments yesterday (making me feel unloved ;) ) then emailed the lot at once, and out of order!

What next??

Webmaster said...

On Saturday, Blogger´s database was down for a couple of moments. Maintenance is a good cause.

CL said...

I must admit, Blogspot has been under attacked and labeled so and so negatively lately.

When I first started my blog here, there was so much freedom. I supposed so much freedom is also the beginning of abuse by few but growing numbers of spammers and whatever else you call them.

As much as it is an extra job to have to deal with all the new changes and securities introduced by blogspot, I still support it. I am glad they are working towards a better blogging community.

When recycling was first introduced, so many said the Oh!!!!! And Ahhhhh! Eventually, the people gotten used to it and is appreciated now.

Improbulus said...

Maintenance is certainly the reason which makes sense, Webmaster. But CB I hope you're getting your comments now?

CL, I'm still sticking with Blogger and Blogspot for now, I've done all right with them! They could be improved further but I still like them. We shall see how things go in future...