Tuesday, 23 August 2005

BBC Creative Archive: more free downloads

Most people probably know this by now, but in case not, the BBC have recently (finally!) released some 100 extracts from their programme archive under the Creative Archive licence (which I've blogged about before): BBC webpage announcement; and download page here.

It's mostly natural history, science, art etc (their contents list is divided into animals and plants, geographical locations, genres, times of year, actions, colours, objects, historical periods, times of day, weather and environment, which should give you the flavour of the thing), rather than say drama or movies, but worth a look - there are some lovely clips there.

However, you have to register before you can download clips (unlike with the Beethoven symphonies I blogged about before - shame!). Plus, only UK residents can download clips, which has always been a Creative Archive restriction.

Clips are only available in Windows Media, Quicktime and MPEG-1 formats, so if you prefer an alternative format, tell them what you think!

They say this is just the start and they should be releasing more - here's hoping.

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