Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Delicious: help; guide, FAQ?

As many will have noticed from the website of delicious itself, as well as the Delicious blog, this social bookmarks manager has made some improvements recently.

The main changes are a beefed up help section and tagrolls (an easy way to display your tags in your blog as tagclouds, automatically updated).

Although the help section is still minimalist, a one sentence explanation for most features is better than none. I'd love to see it expanded even more, though - I think a big reason delicious has hitherto been considered the preserve of the truly geeky has been the lack of step by step instructions or guidance for novices. Delicious cries out for an FAQ and comprehensive tutorial.

Until there is even more comprehensive help on Delicious, the best source of help in my view is the Del.icio.us discussion group mailing list, called "delicious-discuss". You can browse their archives.

Better still (it's easier for me, anyway), you can search the archives, as pretty much anything you can think of has probably already been discussed there (though it does take time to trawl through it all). Try using this form for speed (opens in new window):

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John said...

Have written a Freshblog how-to for the Del.icio.us tagroll feature. I have found it to be v. customiseable (cloud v. list, # of tags to include, max & min font size, max & min font colors, header text, tag count) & I think they've done a great job w/ making this feature suit any number of blogs / uses. V. cool.

Improbulus said...

Thanks for the useful howto, John!