Monday, 29 August 2005

Blogger: sticky posts

The easiest way to create "sticky" posts on Blogger, i.e. posts that stay at the top of your main blog page whatever other posts you make, is as follows.

When you create a blog post, under the box where you type the main text of your post, there's a row that shows the time and date (which will be the date/time shown on your published post, and is normally taken from the date/time when you first clicked "Create" or "Create new post").

Using the down arrows, just change that date/time to the latest you can, at the moment it would be 11.59pm on 31 Dec 2006. Then write the post which you want to be the sticky post, publish it, and voila - one sticky post. (And of course you can have more than one sticky post, and tweak their order just by having slightly different times on them - the ones with the latest times will show first).

Come 31 Dec 2006 you'll have to change the date/time on that post again if you want it to stay on top, but that's not too burdensome - and yes, you can edit the time/date of previously published posts too, just by going into your Edit posts page, opening up the right post and tweaking the time/date below the text box.

(As requested by Danny).

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Scott said...

Brilliant. Never thought to do it.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

That no longer works as of May 2008: now changing to a future date in Blogger causes the post to be delayed until the time specified.

So far as I know, the best way to do sticky posts is to create draft messages -- as many as you think you might post while you want the sticky post up -- with different titles (temp01, temp02, etc.). Then write and publish the sticky post. As you wish to add new content, edit the draft messages into real posts (playing around with the time/date in the past will let you change their order accordingly) and they will appear beneath the sticky post. Once you're done "sticking" the sticky post, you can delete the unused draft posts and start publishing "new posts" normally.

Magic Onion said...

This was indeed a consuming experience. Thanks for the help!

Magic onion 4:22/5/28/2008

Iann said...

Thanks much!