Sunday, 13 February 2005

Speed up Firefox a zillion times!

A fantastic way to accelerate the free Firefox browser, mentioned by Copygodd on the Blogger Forum, is described at Forever Geek.

It only works for broadband. I have a 1MB ADSL connection (just upgraded from 512k) and this tweak has made all the difference. Pages are opening up in Firefox almost instantaneously now! I love it. But the cautionary comments on that page are worth reading too, though it's working brilliantly for me now.
Tip: it might be obvious to most, but to change some of those settings mentioned on that page, you just doubleclick on whichever line it is, and it will toggle the value or allow you to enter the value, depending. To get it back to the default value, rightclick on the line and choose Reset.

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blogonaut said...

Glad you pointed me to this! Some sites that are pulling data from many resources are really loading faster, other sites seem to be confusing the browser, or if it is vice versa. Either way, I´ll keep it for now.

Improbulus said...

Glad it's helped!