Tuesday, 28 February 2006

BBC Creative Archive's Open Earth Archive: science, nature clips - free downloads

If you live in the UK you can now download and even remix, for free, audio and video footage (over 400 clips, programme extracts, stills and audio files, including over 200 video clips) from BBC Science and Nature, via their new Open Earth Archive - the latest stage in the BBC's groundbreaking Creative Archive initiative (which I've blogged about before).

As the Creative Archive site puts it, this archive includes "Unbroadcast rushes from the highly anticipated new series, "Planet Earth", footage from ground breaking series such as "The Natural World" and segments from series narrated by David Attenborough sit alongside remarkable images and audio clips".

The BBC are even running a "Wild Card" video postcard competition in Feb/March 2006, "to make a short film advertising this planet. Novice editors can enter the competition through the Easy Edit Suite, this exclusive application is available to be used, free, on the site and allows users to create a short video with a sound track using some of the best bits of the archive. The winners of the competition will win time in an edit suite with BBC experts seeing how the professional edit for BBC television."

Cute baby polar bears, awwwww!

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