Friday, 13 October 2006

Eggcorns 2: nerve-wrecking

Eggcorns are apt wrong phrases of a particular kind. I found an excellent one on the BBC website the other day in a story about Connie Fisher, the new Maria in Sound of Music - here.

The eggcorn is "nerve-wrecking" (instead of "nerve-wracking"):

I'm going to blame the BBC journalist responsible for the story, rather than Connie! (who I voted for, by the way, and who all along I've considered the clear choice for Maria - she's so professional, too).


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of urban storytelling? There’s this group in NYC called the Moth, and they put on storytelling events there. Right now, they’ve teamed up with the TV network TNT (we know drama) for some reason, and are doing a contest on Myspace called “What’s Your Story?”. Basically, you submit a video of yourself telling the story of the most risky thing you’ve ever done, and you can win a trip to New York and other cool stuff. It’s actually really interesting and I strongly suggest everyone check it out: . They show a few videos on the myspace page that are worth watching if you’re confused by what they do… It will be interesting to see the different video submissions of people telling their risky stories. I think it’s really cool that myspace provides such a platform to be in the know about these types of things.

Improbulus said...

Sounds interesting, Anon, thanks for sharing that.