Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Google Gadgets on your blog or website

Google have just announced that they're letting anyone add Google gadgets to their webpages, including blogs of course. Automatically updated weather forecasts, calendars, webcams, games, utilities/tools, searches etc (and of course Google Videos, yet another way to add them!) - there's a big range of ready-made gadgets for you to choose from.

Just browse or search the available gadgets, pick what you want, and get the code (just one line of Javascript) to paste into your blog template or HTML file. And if you fancy coding your own gadget, you can.

In terms of Google Gadgets, this is exactly the development I'd been waiting for. I think it's worth learning how to create gadgets, now! The possibilities seem endless...

Updated 6 October: well looks like I missed the Google Blog post about gadgets when I posted. This update is both a blatant attempt to get my post on the "Links to this post" list of the Google Blog post, and also to test the pinging of Blog Search which I'm about to blog about.


Rangefinder said...

i'm scared to say hello - your blog seems so intense - but i get the feeling we could get on

me -

i'm all about cooking and pop culture - but with a moral centre


Improbulus said...

Hi rangefinder. Thanks for your comment. Great name given your topic (if you're talking kitchen ranges)! Sorry for the delay. I shall definitely add your blog to my list to check out when I've time.

raghuveer singh said...

Thanks for encouraging non-tech users as well. That' really great.