Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Funny: Bishop of Southwark in Crucifix Lane..

Poor man, but I did think the many little ironies in this BBC news story (and vidcast) a couple of days ago were very funny - Dr Tom Butler the Bishop of Southwark, after a no doubt very fine Irish embassy drinks reception, was found behaving in shall we say a rather un-bishoply way in someone else's car in the very aptly named Crucifix Lane, near Southwark Cathedral (see the links for the full details).

He also left behind a briefcase with a novel entitled "End in Tears".

He arrived home bereft of his briefcase and mobile phone. He said he couldn't remember much. Oddly enough...

He reported the matter to the police but they're treating it as a case of lost property rather than a mugging.

And he had been appointed in Southwark mainly to instil discipline in the clergy there!

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