Thursday, 6 October 2005

Mobile phones: keeping charges down when roaming

Yesterday the European Commission launched a new site "to help consumers get a better deal when using their mobile phones abroad. For this purpose, the website makes public roaming tariffs from the operators in all 25 EU Member States... The Commission’s new website launched today provides consumers with sample tariffs to a variety of destinations from all mobile network operators in all 25 EU Member States. It also aims to make it easy for the consumer to find out more details by providing direct links to the roaming tariff web-pages of all EU operators and other useful contacts for further information. This includes advice on how to get the best deal and contact points in case of difficulties or complaints." (from the Commission press release.)

The site "Using my mobile abroad: am I paying too much?" includes general advice on how to keep costs and charges down when roaming, sample tariffs within Europe, FAQs on international mobile roaming and international SMS roaming, plus links to international tariffs of mobile phone operators in different EU countries.

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Brooks said...

I'm actually in Canada (Vancouver, BC) at the moment and I noticed that I was roaming. For some reason I figured that Canada would be all cool and stuff. Turns out not so much. Heh.

Improbulus said...

Not so much? But why? Never been to Canada, myself...