Friday, 30 September 2005

Technorati: link count and blog ranking changes

Technorati have just tweaked their backend (sounds kinda rude!) to change how they take account of links pointing to a blog, and therefore how highly they rank a blog on Technorati (the blog's "authority").

They now only count links from blogs over the last 6 months (though they still store old links). So links to your blog which are more than 6 months old are ignored for ranking purposes. Technorati engineer Adam Hertz said in the Technorati Weblog post on this yesterday: "Up until now, we displayed a count of all links from blog homepages, which tended to weight more highly blogs that have been around for a long time, even if they have not been posting recently... Our new link counts expose more active blogs and rising stars, allowing readers to discover blogs currently receiving the attention of the blogosphere."

They say they welcome feedback on the changes.

All I can say is, as my blog rank has risen from (I think it was) the 18,000s to (as of today) no. 8,104, I ain't complaining!

To see your own blog rank just search Technorati for your blog's URL and your Technorati rank should be listed under your name, at least if you've claimed your blog on Technorati. To shortcut the process, if you like enter your blog URL in this box and click "Search" (opens in new window):

However when searching Technorati I'm still getting messages like "Sorry, we couldn't complete your search because we're experiencing a high volume of requests right now. Please try again in a minute or add this search to your watchlist to track conversation" - it seems related to the search words or URLs strangely, as when searching for other words or URLs there is no problem. Strange that, when they say they've been working on speed and performance issues too.

Plus clearly Technorati's problem with not indexing certain blogs is still continuing...

Let's hope they'll now turn their attention to basic stuff like that.

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Jon said...

My travails with technorati, to which you link, had a happy ending after all, though not without the intervention of David Sifry, as I chronicle here.

As for rankings, though, they still claim that my other blog has "0 links from 0 sites," even though a search on technorati itself reveals that ain't so. OK, it doesn't have many links, but it has at least one very complimentary one... :)

Improbulus said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences Jon. Yes it looks like Technorati still have a lot to work out, backend or front end or whatever!

Jon said...

it looks like Technorati still have a lot to work out, backend or front end or whatever!

Indeed, though in all fairness I should also now update and say that they are now showing that "Latin America on Screen" has "49 links from 6 sites."

Technorati definitely moves in mysterious ways.

David said...

Loks like Jon's blog is correctly indexed now. These changes take some time to propagate through the systems.

Thanks for the kind words about the fixes and tweaks, there's even more to come in the coming weeks.


Improbulus said...

Jon, glad it's all sorted now.

David, good to know there's more to come! (like hopefully things taking less time to propagate...?) Look forward with interest to what develops.

nikka said...