Friday, 7 April 2006

Blogger spam: nextsplogs should be tackled too

It's great that Blogger have reported progress in removing Blogspot spam blogs, or splogs, using e.g. an automatic spam classifier, with safeguards in case it wrongly classifies a legit blog as spam.

They say "By taking steps like this, we're able to dedicate more storage, bandwidth and engineering resources to our users instead of spammers."

If storage and bandwidth are considered valuable resources (which they are), then why aren't Blogger doing something about the nextsplog abuse, which I've blogged about recently, which my Magical Sheep pardner Kirk has highlighted, and which indeed Robert Scoble has also kindly mentioned on his blog?

Really, what will it take to get Google to focus on the nextsplog problem? I know bloggers using other platforms like Wordpress won't care, because it only affects those of us whose blogs are hosted on Blogger's free Blogspot - but that's an awful lot of people. Isn't the constant fake updating and hijacking of Blogger's "Next Blog" queue an abuse of bandwidth? Aren't Blogspot users concerned about the theft of traffic that should legitimately belong to them? Don't they care that these nextsplogs are stealing visitors who ought to be going to genuinely-updated Blogspot blogs - like yours?

It seems not. Maybe it really is "can't beat 'em join 'em" time.

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