Sunday, 13 August 2006

Technorati tags: bookmarklet for Internet Explorer

I've just updated the Magical Sheep bookmarklet, which enables you to create easily code for tags to copy/paste into your blog posts in order to get your posts to appear on the tag pages of blogosphere search engines such as Technorati and Icerocket. I've also updated my original post about how to use the bookmarklet.

The original code was too long for Internet Explorer, which doesn't like long favelets code (though I don't know if IE 7 will be better on that front) - but recently archiver cleverly compressed the code (here's how) and I incorporated those changes into the updated bookmarklet. Here's archiver's version - it inserts an extra "t" before the tag, which I don't personally use.

Don't forget you can also add tags to your posts using the Magical Sheep Greasemonkey script for Firefox, which is my own preferred option. But if you'd rather use Internet Explorer as your browser when you blog, then the bookmarklet may be the quickest way to do it.

You can as before customise the bookmarklet code to add your own "meblogging" tags - see my favelets page.

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