Sunday, 26 February 2006

Technorati favorites: bugs, issues and thoughts

(If you've read my previous post you can ignore this post - here's why I'm posting this extract from the previous post. This post mentions some bugs and issues with Technorati favorites.)

Bugs and Issues

Technorati obviously need to tidy things up a bit still - e.g. the navigation bar at the top to get to your Technorati Account page, Profile etc doesn't have the full complement of links in IE even though it's there in Firefox. Plus, the display of some search results (when searching just your fave blogs) needs to be tweaked in IE as it can be a bit odd with some overlapping (some other pages also don't quite look right in IE yet e.g. the Favorites help page. Shows that Technorati developers must use Firefox as their default browser, sensible chaps and chapesses!). See what I mean about the grey bar and the display -



Also, if you go to any favorites blog page (not just your own) you may find that the links at the bottom of the page to previous pages only work if you go back to no more than 6 pages only. Beyond that, if you try to see anything older than page 7, it takes you back to page 1. In other words if you try to view Fave pages beyond page 6, anything older than that just takes you back to the first (i.e. newest posts) page. It's not just my faves, I've tried it on other people's fave pages too, and it's the same thing, in both IE and Firefox. I guess Technorati should think about disabling display of links to anything beyond page 6 (or whatever's the current oldest possible page) at the bottom of the faves page as it's confusing just to find you're back on page 1.

Other thoughts on Technorati Favorites

It's interesting in the Web 2.0 world how so many things are converging in many ways, in this case web pages and feeds and social software - and not just social bookmarking of static web pages or sites, but the sharing of dynamic information; not just blog URLs but the actual content of posts from specific blogs. This is yet another illustration, an excellent one, of that increasing trend.

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Anonymous said...

Dunno about you, but I'm getting mad bugs. I have two blogs, a new (N) and old (O).

I deleted the O. Added the N.

Now I click Blogs in the top nav and randomaly it will show the title, description and link of O. Or, it will show the title of N and description and link of O.

I click Account same thing - randomaly swaps.

On my claimed blogs, it displays N but with O's url (looking at the querystring), and link.

Jakked...and very frustrating.

Improbulus said...

Sorry you're having problems - people do with claims, I've heard. I've had one or two issues myself. Is there anything in the Support FAQ which might help? If not I can only suggest you contact Technorati support.