Thursday, 17 February 2005

Blogger profile search form updated

I've changed the form for searching profiles (the form, for anyone who wants to use it, is in my sidebar, just scroll down towards the end) so that it opens the search results in a new window, rather than the same one. (Previously, with my limited Javascript knowledge, trying to get the results to open in a new window just produced a weird result in the original window).

[Edited 12 November 2005 to add the search form here for ease of use, as I see this post is getting more direct hits than the other relevant ones!] The search form is also below:

Many thanks to G-BOAC from Blogger Forum for the fix.

I've also updated the code for the profile search form, which can be copied and pasted into Blogger templates - see my previous post which gives the code and also includes the search form.

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ordago13 said...

hey love the tool for searching blogger

can i have the code for that widget to place it on my blog

i´ll love it

Improbulus said...

Ordago please see the last para of my post which links to the post with the code.