Sunday, 31 December 2006

New Blogger: large blogs still finish last...

In other contexts the last may become the first but sadly, with Blogger Beta, now more aptly called New Blogger, it seems that large blogs still can't switch yet. I noticed from the Blogger help (I don't know when exactly they updated it with that info) that:
"for now, if you have a very large blog (more than a couple thousand posts + comments), you'll need to hold off for a bit. Note that, even if your blog is eligible to switch, you may not have the link to do so on your dashboard. "

Which includes this blog of course. I don't think I have more than a couple thousand posts but they sure are big ones, as the actress said to the bishop.

So, those of us with big blogs have to keep hanging on in there. Still, I've continued to beaver away trying to understand New Blogger and its fancy template code, so I'll be sharing on this blog what I've learned, probably over the next few weeks.


Cynthia Leitich Smith said...

By any chance, have you learned when the full switch to Blogger 2 will be done? My dashboard has been moved to 2, but my two blogs are in inaccessible limbo on one. I have big blogs. Any insight appreciated. The timing for me was very unfortunate. I was locked out right as my novel was released.

Improbulus said...

Sorry Cynthia, I've no idea myself, Blogger never seem to give timings. It's a shame as it would be easier for us to organise things if we knew exactly what the deadline was.

You say your old Blogger blogs are inaccessible? I can log in to both old and new Blogger, separately, and see both dashboards (though I did deliberately sign up for Blogger Beta separately when it first came out). Have you tried logging in to old Blogger with your old login? Can you get at your old blogs that way?

It's odd that your dashboard has moved but you can't access the blogs. Have you also tried signing up for a Google Account and logging in that way?