Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Free BBC audio and video clips no more after 26 September 2006

The BBC's Creative Archive trial, offering free downloads and personal re-mixing of audio and video clips or full programmes from the BBC's archive
under their special Creative Archive copyright licence, is going to end on 26 September 2006, according to a news release of 18 September on the Creative Archive info site.

The BBC's Governors are going to consider if the Creative Archive meets a "public value" test. Let's hope they conclude it provides enough public value!

So download the clips you want from the archive while you still can (including historic clips from the early days of television). (Sorry only UK residents can access the archive, that's the BBC rule.)

The good news at least is that other participants in the Creative Archive initiative will still be releasing their content, e.g. ITN Source is going to be sharing some of its content under this licence.

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