Wednesday, 3 October 2007

User generated content in TV, film & design - Channel 4 free seminar

It's fascinating and telling that the user-generated content (UGC), often ad-funded, business model spawned by the internet is now seen as a possible viable model for more traditional media industries too, like movies / cinema - so much so that Channel 4 are hosting a free seminar on it: "Formally [sic] known as the audience... - the power of collaboration", Tuesday 20 November 2007, 6 to 9 pm.

Quoting from the Own-It page on the event:

"The next generation of customers will be more active and creative in building content. Can this be harnessed to build new business models to benefit both? But how does this work and what benefit is it for the customer to contribute to design?
- Can a profitable business model be built on sharing and collaborations?
- Should the customer be paid for their contribution?
- What rights do they have?
- Can it produce a better product?
In this seminar we will look at new collaborative business models in which the customer/audience and creative business work together to produce content across TV, Film and Design."

It's not just the content of the seminar which seems interesting. It's also their panel line-up of "new media" people - including Paula Le Dieu of Magic Lantern, who's been closely involved with Creative Commons, and Stefan Magdalinski of Moo Design, purveyors of the British geek's choice of business card or so it seems from the geek events I've attended.

If you register on Own-It (it's free to register and pretty much instantaneous), you can then book a place for free - but best sign up fast, I imagine places will be going quickly for this as creative meejah types as well as geeks and entrepreneurs will be interested (not that any of those three are mutually exclusive, of course).

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