Sunday, 7 October 2007

OLPC XO-1 One Laptop Per Child: video demo, mobileCampLondon 2007

Video of demo of the rubbery green One Laptop Per Child XO laptop, brought by OpenedHand to mobileCampLondon 2007, 29-30 September 2007 (1:50):

As most people know, this is the cheap Linux-based wi-fi laptop, the XO-1, which was developed by One Laptop Per Child for children in developing countries. While they weren't going to sell them in the developed world, they've got a "Give a laptop" scheme whereby you can donate US $200 to give a laptop to a child, and starting 12 November 2007 in North America there's a "Give one get one" program where you can give them US$399 and donate a laptop to a child in a developing country while another laptop will be delivered to your child (or more likely, you!).

Pity it's not apparently available outside the USA and Canada, or there'd be some of us here wanting one - people were having a lot of fun with it at mobileCamp, and wanting to run away with it - even some of the guys.

Thanks to Daniel Åkesson and Robert Bragg for doing the demo!

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