Friday, 12 October 2007

Krusell cases review 2: pah!

I have several Krusell cases and an assortment of their clips. Their post-sales customer support is great. I love their Multidapt system and gave Krusell a rave review previously, which they even included in their own list of customer reviews. But I bet they won't add this post to the list...

They claim to make cases to suit all types of portable electronic devices, mainly mobile but also PDAs, digital cameras, gaming devices like PSPs and PMPs etc. But for a potential customer trying to find a suitable case, their website and pre-sales customer service are abysmal.

If your particular make and model of cellphone or PDA etc is on their website list, fine. Self-service works. You'll be presented with a variety of cases that would fit your gadget, and you can pick one that suits you.

But if your electronic toy isn't listed, well tough luck matey.

Don't expect any help from their website: the FAQs say you should "Compare the internal dimensions of the universal cases with the measurements of your device to find the size most suitable for your unit". But how are we mere customers supposed to find out what "universal" cases Krusell sell, and what their exact dimensions are, you may well ask?

We can't. Is there a "Universal" or "Other" entry in their "Choose Device" dropdown list? Nope.

OK, let's try searching "Universal" on their site then. What do you get? A list of over 100 (I gave up counting) model names to click through. That really isn't helpful, and for some of those links they say they have no cases anyway.

Well, try downloading their unnecessarily massive catalogue then (don't do it, it's huge!). Yes, it does list some generic universal cases, great. But does it give their dimensions? Again, nope, even though that would be a logical place to include them.

OK, now try contacting Krusell for help. Do they provide you with the measurements for their generic cases? Nope. You can give them the dimensions of your device and ask them if they have a case that fits it, and they should be able to say yes or no, but having the info on the website really would be much easier for potential customers as well as for Krusell staff. Who wants to have to email them, then wait for them to get around to replying, when the information could and should be available online? How hard can it be for them to include a "Universal Cases" section on their website, with proper dimensions, and add that category to their dropdown list "case finder"? I suggested that to them ages ago: but there's still no sign of it.

In case you wonder why I sound so annoyed with Krusell when an email or two to their customer services should produce suggestions for cases (or not) for devices not in their list, there's more.

I've just had a second Krusell case fall apart on on me (or rather, the attachment fell off, in exactly the same place as on a different case I owned before, so clearly they have a weak point or bug in their manufacture or their design). It happened the very first day I tried using the case, which I'd bought brand new, and what's more the cellphone in it was a smaller, lighter one than the model the case had been designed for.

So, I'm now rather less keen on Krusell than I was. But I must say that I have yet to find a better stand-alone carrying system for my gear (and I still can't find a case big enough to carry my Psion 5mx on my belt). Please don't say "handbag" or I may thwack you with one, I stopped using handbags because I kept losing them. I want a stand alone flexible compact hands-free system for my gadgets which is attached to my person so I don't have to hold on to it. Hip systems like a "gadget belt" instead of a tool belt, click on click off of course, would be the best. (Urban Tool holster pockets are too small and flimsy in my view, by the way, and their pre-sales customer service is non-existent, which also put me off them big time. Only for trendies who don't care if their stuff falls out). There's a ap in the market there for converted Wild West gun belts with holsters, I think!

If a Krusell case fits your device and doesn't break, great. But if you can't find one that fits properly, or it falls apart - well, don't say you haven't been warned.

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