Sunday, 7 October 2007

OpenMoko: video, demo, slides - open mobile platform, NOT the iPhone! - mobileCampLondon 2007

Here are the video and slides from mobileCampLondon 2007, 29-30 September 2007 (mobileCamp blog) on OpenMoko.

OpenMoko is a project to create an open source software platform for mobiles, based on Linux. They've released a prototype handset the Neo1973 or GTA01, and are due to release another one, the GTA02 towards the end of 2007. But note that these phones are meant to be developer versions, and can just about make calls now! True to the open source concept they decided to release the physical hardware early even before it was ready for prime time so that developers could play with it, and the Neo1973 sold out very quickly. So the mass market version isn't likely to be out for at least a year or more, I'm guessing.

On this video Michael Shiloh of OpenMoko talks about the OpenMoko concept and plans, why the phone is called the Neo 1973 (nothing to do with The Matrix) and explains that the much-speculated about similarities with the iPhone were entirely coincidental!

Video 14:06:


Shorter video (extracted from the long one) showing just a demo of the Neo1973 handset in action, 6:31:

Video of two Neos calling each other!:

Thumbtribes on OpenMoko (to find friends and other Thumbtribes users in your area using GPS, with privacy protections of course):

See more from mobileCampLondon 2007:

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