Saturday, 7 April 2007

UK Caller ID number codes

I'm always forgetting the number codes to dial on my phone in relation to CLI or CLID (caller line identity or caller line identification) e.g. to stop withholding my phone number.

I'm very protective of my privacy so I've got my phone company to withhold my phone number automatically for all calls I make from my fixed line home phone, and one of the first things I do on getting a new mobile phone is to set it up similarly to block the sending of my cellphone number.

But sometimes I have to call friends who don't answer or automatically reject calls from anyone who's withheld their number, so I need to un-withhold my number just for those calls.

So just for ease of reference:
  • 141 - dial before a telephone number to withhold your number (if it's not automatically withheld by arrangement with your phone network or through mobile phone setup) from the person receiving the call
  • 1470 - dial before a phone number to send your number to the person you're calling (if they have caller ID on their phone), even if your number is usually automatically withheld
  • 1471 - dial to check the number of the last person who called that phone (free in the UK for BT fixed lines). Alternative: *27# (undocumented but works for me - from the uk-telecom FAQ)
  • 14713 - dial to return the call of the last person who called your phone (for a fee). Alternative: *28#

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