Sunday, 8 April 2007

BBC: free animation shorts online

If you like funny animations, have a look at the BBC's "New TV Animators" page.

The BBC had previously invited entries of short films from UK animators. They're paying the winning entrants for the use of their animations in a planned new comedy sketch show pilot "FAO3", which will be broadcast on TV later in 2007 ("Spring") on BBC3.

It's not quite internet TV, but you can watch the 48 short films on the shortlist free online on your computer, and even rate them - and your ratings will "influence the decisions of the judges".

I don't know when the deadline for rating the shorts is, it just says "March / April 2007 The top animations showcased online" - so if you want to see them (and some of them are very funny indeed), best get your blow in quick, and certainly before the end of April (I'm A type so I hate it when people don't spell out their exact deadlines, like Delicious for their survey...).

All you need is RealPlayer - so whether you have a PC or a Mac, you should be able to watch the films.

I don't know if you can watch it from outside the UK though - generally the BBC limits access to their online video and audio content to computers with UK IP addresses (see my post on the forthcoming BBC iPlayer.) I'd be interested to know if anyone from outside the UK can get to see these shorts?

Also the BBC have a warning note: Please note, the animations are for a BBC Three audience, so some are made for more mature viewing and will only be viewable after 10pm and before 5am.

A good way to avoid kids watching "more mature viewing". And probably encourage viewing by those who like adult comedy cartoons!

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