Thursday, 12 April 2007

Funny patent decision: soul power, maaaaaan!

Check out this real rejection from the UK Intellectual Property Office of a patent application for an "artificial force field generator" (screenshot below for proof!):

"The application relates to an artificial force field generator alleged to work using power derived from the human soul centre, to move objects.

The HO held that the application did not disclose the invention in a manner which was clear enough and complete enough for it to be performed by a person skilled in the art and is contrary to well established physical laws. She therefore refused the application as lacking sufficiency and not having industrial application."

See the full decision, where Deputy Director Mrs CL Davies, scrupulously (and with a completely straight face, I imagine), goes through the "industrial applicability" and "sufficiency of disclosure" aspects of the invention in accordance with the requirements of the UK Patents Act 1977! It's what I think of as "unscience". I know lots of people do believe in chakras and the like, but - to move objects??

I love it when officials let loose their sense of humour - e.g. when assessing an ownership dispute in relation to a domain name registered in the name of a cat. Must be light relief for them (and certainly us) to get stuff like that occasionally.

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