Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Blog Top Tags: New Blogger 1-click widget; official Technorati launch

Technorati have now officially launched their blog-specific tagcloud, which I blogged about yesterday. They call it the "Blog Top Tags" widget and you can use it to display the 20 top tags used in your blog as a tag cloud.

One-click New Blogger Blog Top Tags widget

Bloggers on New Blogger (Blogger Beta) using Layouts may be interested in the New Blogger widget I produced yesterday (see this post), which lets you add a Blog Top Tags tagcloud to your blog with just a couple of clicks by clicking an "Add to Blogger" button without having to know any coding or delve into the HTML of your template: get tagcloud for your Blogger blog. [updated to link direct to page with the button.]

I've also provided the code there for Old Blogger blogs which you can copy/paste into your template without having to change anything in the code.

And included a note about continuing bugs with Technorati tags which may prevent the tag cloud from reflecting your blog tags accurately.

(Linking to their blog post from yesterday's post won't get that post to show up in the "blog reactions" for their post because blog reactions don't pick up updates to existing posts (it's the same with Google Blogsearch and backlinks - a flaw with both systems, I feel), so I'm doing this separate new post, which hopefully will show up in their "blog reactions" in order to point people to the New Blogger widget.)

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