Monday, 2 March 2009

More silly or unfortunate names: Justin Case, Sue Mee, Rob Mee etc

For anyone who missed it, the BBC had an item about unfortunate names, discovered by parenting site from going through online phone records.

See the Baby Website’s full list, and the BBC item for more names sent in by readers.

My own favourites, apart from the ones above, are:

  • Mary Christmas & Esther Munday
  • Hazel Nutt, Rose Bush, Ivy Plant; and sisters Ivy, Daisy and Rose Roots
  • Jo King, Lee King, Carrie Oakey, Stan Still, Doug Hole, Terry Bull, Max Power, Will Power, Ray Gunn, Lotte Flack, Helen Back, Sonny Day, Tim Burr
  • Paige Turner, Anna Sasin, Annette Curtain, Bill Board, Barb Dwyer, Pearl Button, Albert Hall, A Burke, Barry Cade, Jenny Taylor

If you like this sort of thing, do see:

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