Friday, 12 January 2007

Nominative determinism 9

Thanks to Allan, the Magnificent Goldberg, for this very funny contribution to the nominative determinism collection:

In the early '70s, the art adviser to Newcastle Education Authority was Geoffrey Drewitt.

There is a reasonably well known jazz drummer called Ray Pounds. I have a live album by Les McCann in which, during the intros, he introduces him by saying, "Ray Pounds on the drums". Wow! So he does!

Oh, and it works the other way round, too. There's a guitarist called A C Drummer!


emg said...

I'm a mental health professional, and the best example of nominative determinism I've ever run into was a conference on aggressive behavior given by three psychiatrists named Blood, Shouten and Swearinigen. Not kidding.

Improbulus said...

emg, thanks, that is absolutely superb. Especially if you're really not kidding!!