Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Blog carnivals: Mobilists #127

A blog carnival is a good way for bloggers who write on the same general subject (anything from arts, health and politics to humour, science, technology etc) to help each other out. The idea is that each "edition" of the carnival is "hosted" by a different blogger, who receives submissions of posts from other bloggers, then pulls their personal selection of the best submissions together into a single post published on their own blog, with links.

That way the submitters benefit from extra publicity and links to their posts, and also the host's associated summaries of their posts, on the host's blog. People take it in turns to host, and internet search engines generally count carnival links for ranking purposes, even those (like Wikio) which ignore links in blogrolls.

I first heard about Carnival of the Mobilists from Vero at mobileCampLondon2007. As you'd expect, it's a carnival intended for bloggers who write about mobile phones, cellphones, the mobile space generally. While I don't specialise in mobile, I do often write about mobile-related matters (my posts on LG phones are consistently in ACE's top 5 or 10 most popular posts).

I submitted a post (my mobileCamp write-up, in fact) to the carnival, and Steve Litchfield kindly included it in The Smartphones Show's Carnival of the Mobilists #95. But - mea culpa (=my bad!) - I hadn't checked the rules of this carnival properly, because I'd tracked it down through this page or something like it, so I hadn't seen the rule that if your post gets listed in a Mobilist carnival host's post, you're supposed to link to the host's post and promote the carnival on your own site or blog that week - or you'll be universally hated by all! I just didn't link to the Carnival post that time because I hadn't cottoned on to that rule, so I'm trying to make up for it by linking to it now, albeit very belatedly.

I missed the deadline for a later submission to this Carnival (initial thoughts / review of 3's Huawei mobile broadband USB modem / dongles) and it didn't get selected by the following week's host - possibly because I was still universally hated then, or maybe because there's some kind of unwritten rule I've still not found that says only posts published in the current calendar week are eligible.

But perhaps I've finally been forgiven, because my review of the UrbanTool hipHolster for mobiles/gadgets (verdict: don't waste your money) has been selected for this week's Carnival of the Mobilists #127 at WapReview. So here I am, dedicating a post to help promote the carnival, with links to the host's post!

For this particular carnival, you're only allowed to offer to be a host if your entries have been selected for the carnival at least 3 times before.

But anyone can submit a post about things mobile to this carnival by emailing before midnight PST on Friday (for posts written earlier that same week only, I assume), so if you've written on a mobile / wireless communications topic and you'd like to join in, do just go ahead and submit your post and help both yourself and your fellow bloggers.

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