Sunday, 8 June 2008

Funny unintentional innuendo

With my naughty sense of humour, I couldn't help giggling when I saw this title of a recent IPPR publication (and, of course, I had to wonder exactly what kind of services they had in mind...):

"Just care? A fresh approach to adult services"

It's actually all too easy for unintentional innuendo to slip in, even (especially?!) with things techie.

At the Sophie Kain London Geek Dinner for instance, someone said (on being asked what area they were in):

"I do the hard stuff at your back end".

And at London Girl Geek Coffee 5 yesterday (which was great, by the way, do try to go along to one if you can), someone else said this, quite seriously, to a female geek who works at a financial institution, causing much hilarity:

"Would you like me to get some guys together to do some penetration testing on you?"

(I won't repeat her very quick reply!)

So is it just me, or do you also think computer-speak seems to have more potential than most for innuendo?


alan p said...

"I do the hard stuff at your back end".

Ah yes - putting the Anal into analysis ;)

Anonymous said...

Similar to above. 8 char file names so Analysis of Students = AnalStud

Improbulus said...

Ouch that sounds painful!! :D