Friday, 18 May 2007

Blogger keyboard shortcuts wishlist

I posted about Blogger's cool new autosave and keyboard shortcuts before I saw Pete's Buzz post about it.

Pete adds a useful tidbit which wasn't on the Blogger Help page:
"We do this [i.e. autosave] about once a minute, unless you type a lot, in which case we'll save as soon as you stop typing, just to be on the safe side."

Cool cool cool, autosaving the moment you stop typing, yeah! Though it doesn't seem to be doing it on this post, maybe it's only after the first 1-minute save that it starts doing the "save when stop" thang? But ctrl s is my friend, I laugh at browser freezes now, how I laugh, hah!

(Team Blogger have clearly been busy working on this as well as no doubt other stuff they're working on behind the scenes. They're even looking for a Visual Designer, Interaction Designer and User Interface Software Engineer. Pity they don't need someone who has strong ideas about user interface design but isn't officially qualified in it, can just about manage to spell Javascript and HTML, and lives in London! Well if they're ever looking for a help/tutorial writer-upper, just maybe... yep I'm open to offers...)

OK, so I'm all excited and squealy about this new feature, but I've had so many harrowing experiences of losing long posts or accidentally posting before I was ready, that I just love it (and the reassignment of ctrl s to save), it's one of the most useful things Blogger could have done, in my book.

Not wanting to look a gift horse and all that, but (at the risk of repeating myself) I'm now eagerly awaiting ctrl shift l for bulleted lists, and a hotkey combo for toggling between Compose and Edit views - pretty pretty please, Pete & co...?

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