Friday, 11 May 2007

Funny Google translation about LG Shine phone

I saw someone had linked to my rant about LG taking away the ability for us consumers to transfer Java games and other Java apps from PC to the newish LG Shine KE 970 phone. (You can't even download third party Java apps like Gmail for mobile or WidSets over the air either - they've disabled that too, it's a deliberate "design concept". /rant).

Anyway, the link was on a Hong Kong forum about the Shine phone, so I hied me off to Google Language tools as my Chinese is about as good as my French (and my Spanish, and Italian, and... you get the drift). I know Google's Chinese translator is still only in beta, but I thought this translation was hilarious:
I Wendao a website http : //www.consumingexperience.c ... ingtones-m usic.html Diwan after the Department found that shine should take it into their own java game, super disappointed, dissatisfied with both the Department of me? I recite a few days I have left many months to between 7-8 boardway with Hutchison played three generators, every time I would ask 0 sales may take it into their own java game, all channels to be so, Easy loading up on the telephone to have to, I have to know the channels to the Ministry of Machine-microphone really zero awareness I have to ask again for the samsung 0-F can Well, 2003, the Department of the Ministry of lg it is really a microphone racks, subject to the Drainage Department has no problem then, the families hope I am wrong, if really not so very grateful to him Drainage to the professional 0 Matata!

If anyone can tell me more accurately what it really means, I'd be grateful to know. I get the general gist, though. The poster ain't happy about the Shine and Java. And I have a feeling "microphone racks" is no compliment either...

More seriously, I hope the Department of the Ministry of LG take note of user views like this. Else Drainage, I say!


kirk said...

I hear there has been a shakeup in the Ministry of LG and internal fighting with the Drainage Department. Hopefully the new ministers will get things in shape.


Improbulus said...

Hmmm well I'm not optimistic. Maybe one day, years later, when it's too late for LG! Sez I cynically. If only they could sort out their software, connectivity and manual, they'd have a winner.