Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Thunderbird - public holidays won't display?

In my Thunderbird email app (with Lightning for calendaring), I'd subscribed to Google's public holidays calendar for the UK. but lately, holidays no longer show up. They used to display fine, but that's stopped working.

What finally sorted the problem for me, after many unsuccessful troubleshooting attempts to try to get the Google calendar to display, was a workaround rather than solution or fix, but it's good enough for me! So here's my tip to get round this issue, step by step:

  1. download the ICS calendar file for UK public holidays (or other holidays of your choice) from Apple, and save it on your computer
  2. in Thunderbird, go to the Events and Tasks menu, and choose Import
  3. navigate to the saved ICS file and Open it
  4. choose which calendar in Thunderbird you want to import the file to, and OK it
  5. the public holidays should show up properly, hooray!

This should work with Apple ICS files for other holidays or events too. I tried Google's ICS file for that calendar first but it doesn't contain the necessary info for importing.

Apple 1, Google 0.

(Google Calendars of public holidays may display properly in later versions of Thunderbird, but I've stuck with Thunderbird 9.0 because add-ons I need aren't compatible with later versions.)

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