Saturday, 9 June 2012

Internet Explorer 9 - how to open History, Favorites, Feeds on the left

When opening your History (Ctrl-h) in Internet Explorer 9, it opens the pane (or should I say "Explorer bar") on the right hand side. That's the way they made it - and it's a big annoyance.

To open the History bar on the left, you have to use another keyboard shortcut instead - Ctrl-Shift-h (ie hold down both the Ctrl and Shift keys, tap h, release them all).

And it's Ctrl-Shift-i to open Favorites on the left, Ctrl-Shift-g for the Feeds.

If you used the old hotkeys and it opens on the right, you can click the green arrow (top left of the pane) or use the Ctrl-Shift-h combo to move it over to the left. But if you close the Explorer bar, Ctrl-h will open it on the right, all over again. So it's best just to learn the "new" shortcut keys.

Prime example of if it ain't broke why fix it…?!!

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