Sunday, 14 September 2008

Funny unintentional juxtaposition

When tidying papers recently I came across this article from the Times newspaper of 23 October 2004 which I'd cut out to save at the time.

The title of the article, which is pretty clear from the pic: "First-hand view of a cannibal feast".

The bit in bold in the bottom right hand corner, which I've outlined in red, is harder to read online - but it said:

2-for-1 Sunday lunch: full listing of pubs and restaurants bonus online voucher

Blame my evil and absurd sense of humour, but I thought the unintentional combination of the two was perfect - and very funny.

1 comment:

Goner said...

See, "First Hand" sounds funnier to me...

"Hey Ughabugga, you gonna eat that hand? Pass it over to me!"