Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Banks and postal security (not!): "disguised mail"

I just received a new bank credit card in the post - in an envelope which had "Disguised mail" stamped on it (the serial / ID number in the photo of the envelope is obscured to prevent possible identification of recipient!)

Talk about silly "security measures". I thought the whole point of "disguised mail" was to conceal the fact that there was something valuable in the envelope, by making it look like an average boring letter. Shurely printing "Disguised mail" on the outside of the envelope shomehow defeats the object?

Might as well print on the envelope in big fluorescent letters: "Yoohoo, thieves & fraudsters, lookee here, unsigned bank card enclosed, come & get it!"

Luckily, my new credit card was intact. Or it seemed to be, anyway.

I'm starting a new label for posts: "stupid". And I'm stamping this post with that label, of course.


Kirk said...

Maybe they should have went with the trench coat, big floppy hat, and dark sunglasses instead. No one would have noticed then.

Anonymous said...

Must have been a mistake. I received some disguised mail today (and yes I googled it and found this page, sigh) and the envelope that said "disguised mail" was inside another envelope which was very well disguised and appeared nothing like a letter from my bank!

Improbulus said...

Now that's what I'd call properly disguised, Anon! What they did with you actually makes sense.

Let's hope the mistake they made with me isn't widely repeated.