Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Virtual Worlds: Serious Applications - free talk

I notice the Imperial College Internet Centre (ICIC) are hosting a free session Serious Applications of Virtual Worlds - ICIC Tuesday Talk on Tuesday 30 September 2008 from 4-6 pm.

From the blurb: "Dave Taylor, Programme Lead for the Medical Media and Design Laboratory (MMDL), will deliver a talk entitled "Serious Applications of Virtual Worlds" including a live tour of the SciLands (Science and Technology Continent) and Imperial College's new Medical School in Second Life. Dave will also give details of a virtual worlds competition that is planned for later this year... Second Health is an immersive hospital environment that can be visited in Second Life."

There are 30 tickets left as I write, if anyone interested wants to sign up.

In July 2008 the Internet Centre hosted an excellent day of seminars on Wealth of Networks 2008: digital economies & next generation internet (of which I managed to produce some audio recordings), including a very interesting and thought-provoking session on digital economics and the monetization of Web 2.0 so this session looks like it'll be well worth attending.

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