Sunday, 4 May 2008

Dr Sophie Kain: On Being a Geek,The Apprentice & Sir Alan Sugar (London Geek & Girl Geek Dinner 26 April 2008)

I've posted the full video of this talk, given at the joint London Geek Dinner & London Girl Geek Dinner of 26 April 2008, on the Girlygeekdom blog (main video on Blip) - but here's a short excerpt, just for fans of reality TV show The Apprentice, of the provocative bit where Sophie Kain, as she puts it, "slags off" Sir Alan Sugar!

More seriously, the extract is on whether it's easier for geeks to learn business than for business people to learn geek. No prizes for guessing what her view is on that. Her opinion on Sir Alan and The Apprentice:
"He's looking for better sales people to sell out of date products, when actually what he should be looking for is better geeks to develop much better products that would actually change the environment in which we live."

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