Monday, 25 February 2008

BarCampLondon3: list of videos

For convenience here's a list of the videos I shot at BarCampLondon3 back in November 2007 - well, better late than never!

And yes, there were circling laptops... (No prizes for guessing which one's mine. Review of it to follow, but I really wouldn't recommend buying one because of the unusually bad customer service, in case anyone can read the brand name - which I refuse to give free publicity to further here!)

The list of videos, in no particular order:
  1. The future of BarCamp? - discussion led by Ryan Alexander, Ian Forrester and others
  2. Technology & our rights, aka "You did WHAT with my bits??" - by Glyn Wintle of Open Rights Group
  3. Open social networks & Noserub - by Dirk Olbertz of Noserub
  4. Use Yahoo! Pipes to build your lifestream - by Cristiano Betta
  5. Self-publishing via Lyx & Lulu - by Victoria Lamburn
  6. Data portability - by Ian Forrester (a co-founder of DataPortability)
  7. From Web 2.0 to Mobile 2.0 - the transition - discussion
  8. DIY user research - by Leisa Reichelt
  9. Website psychology - by Gavin Bell who works for Nature
  10. Learning jQuery in 30 minutes - by Simon Willison
  11. Monetizing the long tail - voluntary economies - by Reinier Zwitserloot of
  12. Mobile data - what's "fair use"? - by Sam Machin, who works for a mobile network operator but spoke in a personal capacity.


Julius said...

Great collection, thanks!

Improbulus said...

Julius, thanks for the feedback!